Power Breakfast - Millennials: How Do We Get Them?

Published On: Friday, July 21, 2017
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The millennial recruiting process is all about your digital marketing and your online branding; your presence on social media is crucial.

July 20, 2017
Albany, NY 

On July 20th, the Albany Business Review hosted a Power Breakfast event called "Millennials: How do you get them? How do you keep them?” at the Renaissance Hotel in Albany, NY.

The panel consisted of prominent business figures throughout the Capital Region, which included Guha Bala, President of Velan Studios; Miriam Dushane, Managing Director of Linium Recruitment; Cory Nelson, Owner of Troy Kitchen; and Kate Philips, Director of Human Resources at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. The discussion was moderated by Michael DeMasi, Senior Reporter of the Albany Business Review. Jill O’Brien attended and represented the Carpenter Contractor Trust.


The discussion tapped into the questions we all want to know the answers to. How to get millennials, and most importantly, how to retain them. Dushane said that the millennial recruiting process is all about your digital marketing and your online branding; your presence on social media is crucial.


Millennials are the largest generation in US History – even bigger than the baby boomers -  who grew up in a time of rapid change from any previous generation. They identify themselves as being tech savvy and the online world – social media in particular – has given them a platform to reach and connect with society.

In a recent study by Goldman and Sachs, it found that millennials are turning to their online networks, when making purchasing decisions, or in our case, choosing a company to work with. The study revealed that 34% said that when a brand uses social media, their decision is influenced and they like that brand more.


It is important to focus on highlighting the opportunities that your company has to offer and aligning these with individuals who are like-minded, therefore identifying and directing it to your target audience. It is also every employer's responsibility to work with the bigger picture and educate the younger generation about their potential career paths.


“Companies need diversity to triumph. They need to produce meaningful work in an area they truly believe in,” said Bala, President of Velan Studios.


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