CCT App - FAQ's
How Do I Watch Videos?

Each video can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail, then pushing the play button on the description page. To see more videos in a category, swipe left or right to slide through the posters.

How Do I Share a Video or News Item?

Once you've clicked on a video, you'll see a share option in the top right corner of the description page for videos, and under the news item listing. Select where you would like to share it, enter the information, and press submit.

Can I install The CCT App On Other Mobile Devices?

Yes, many users have multiple mobile, devices, personal phones, work phones, tablets, etc.  You can install  the CCT App on as many of these devices as you would like.  Once downloaded and installed on the new device, just login using your email and password, you do not need to re-register

What If I Lost My Password?

Go to the settings aea and click on the forgot password tab and we will send a temporary password to your email.  

After you receive your temporary password and login, you should go to the settings menu and change it.

What Can I Do On The Scan Page
Hold your device over the NRCC logo or CCT logo (shown above) anywhere you may find it , a brochure, business card, computer screen, etc., and view the result.

The CCT will be adding more functionality and scan options to the scan page in the future.  Check back to this help section for updates.

What if I have an Issue that I can't Resolve?

If you are experiencing issues that you cannot resolve, go to the settings area of this site from the bottom lower menu, and send us a message by using the feedback form.  We will research your issue and trouble shoot it for you.

Do I have to be a Carpenter or Contractor to use the CCT App?

No, the CCT App is a free Download for Anyone who would like to Download it, Including the General Public, it is avaiaable on Google play and in the Apple App Store  by searching on CCT App or Carpenter Contractor Trust.  However some functions are only available to Contractors and Carpenters.

How Do I Receive Updates?

You will be notified via pop up when you first login after an update has become available.

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